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Proposal for advancement of science and technology


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Proposal for advancement of science and technology  Empty Proposal for advancement of science and technology

Mensaje por RevI Vie Mar 22, 2013 2:52 pm

At present it is a very rude fact that the capitalist-imperialist countries are ahead of countries, where workers and other pr0gressive forces have gained a significant ground. The technologies and the machines, that are now an unavoidable part of our daily life are most invented in the US and other capitalist-imperialist countries. REASON? In my opinion, the USA and other capitalist countries always have and still having a huge inflow of human resources from all over the world. English, as a language of imperialism, have penetrated a huge part of world and due to colonial legacies in the third world countries, the language of learning science and technology is still English. So, those who have the capability of contributing something new in science and technology from this countries, felt attracted towards USA and other capitalist countries and they will settle in USA and other capitalist countries at the very first chance.
But, this scenario can be changed with the help of internet. If you search the net, you can find some very mind blowing, revolutionary, scientific ideas which are left unattended. In my opinion, countries lile Cuba, Venzuela should have make a coalition to make an organization, which will search net for good ideas and would make necessary research and testing of the ideas. The materialization of these ideas can make great difference in the productive capability of the countries. I would like that to be done in this manner. An organization, made up of scientific and technical experts from both the universities and industries, men from the management staff of the state owned industries will first review the idea very carefully and will judge the scientific, technical and commercial feasibility of the ideas. Those ideas, that will pass through the screening, will be sent to universities and technical institutes for prototyping and testing. After it has been prototyped, tested thoroughly, it would be applied for a patent, where the patent owner would be the organization and the inventor together. By this process, both the state and individual inventor can be benefited.
I don't think all inventors or people with good idea have "socialist" inclination and therefore they have to rewarded upto a level, otherwise it wouldn't be possible to attract them.
I like this process to be started as quickly as possible. On net, some good ideas attracted me and I personally have contacted the persons, who came up with the ideas. But, found that already some entrepreneurs from the capitalist countries have contacted them. So, I don't think that the ideas on net would be left unattended for long. Those with good commercial potential should attract possible entrepreneurs.
I want to know opinion of other readers in this regard. There are so much hue and cry have been done regarding "what have been done so far". But, I think we should also look forward and have to have some positive thinking and ideas, that can benefit workers and the humanity in future.
In my opinion, countries like Venezuela, Cuba can contribute very big in this regard. Cuba during the last 50 years have made a very good human resources and Venezuela can afford sufficient funding. Together they can do research and development of ideas quickly and I AM VERY VERY SANGUINE THAT THEY WILL GET SOME REALLY PROGRESSIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PRODUCTS THAT EVEN USA DON'T HAVE NOW. This kind of action can certainly be a very big blow to imperialist worldwide and will hold the flag of socialism higher.
I have mentioned the name of Venezuela here, but IMO, this ideas can be applicable to any other country of the world, where workers have gained some upper-hand over other oppressive classes.
I am just putting my thoughts here and want to know opinions of others in this regards.

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Proposal for advancement of science and technology  Empty Re: Proposal for advancement of science and technology

Mensaje por ajuan Vie Mar 22, 2013 6:42 pm

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